Study plans, course flow/schedule for CS/IT majors

Your study plan is based on the first math course you are taking or took. If you cannot find a proper study plan, please use the empty one. Please click on the link to download the MS-Word file.

New Study plan templates.
Note: These first-year study plans are for new students only. All new students should see their CS/IT faculty advisor in October to review and update their 4-year study plans before the early registration period (in November). Students should pay attention to each course’s prerequisites and the available courses in each semester.
First year study plan templates
Regular 4-year study plan templates
CS/IT Academic Guide Sheet Packet (program guide sheet, course flow, schedule, 4-year study plan)
CS/IT minor forms
Other minors for CS/IT students
Forms and information for students
Software for students
Conferences for students to explore and find internship/full-time jobs