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The workshop is usually held 3:30 - 4:20pm

Current time: 2019-07-23 06:04:54, EST

Spring 2019
2019-05-16Final exam week. No workshop.
2019-05-09Prepare for the final exams. No workshop.
2019-05-02ACM meeting, NAAB 109. Jeopardy.
2019-04-25ACM meeting, NAAB 109. Genetic Algorithms workshop.
2019-04-11ACM meeting, NAAB 109. Amazon AWS workshop.
2019-04-04Prepare for HackKean. No workshop.
2019-03-28ACM meeting, NAAB 109. MicroControllers workshop.
2019-03-14Kean Spring break. No workshop.
2019-02-28ACM meeting, NAAB 109. GitHub Pages workshop.
2019-02-21Career Workshop - NAAB 208 (3:30 - 4:15 pm)Manuel Condado, Isabel Morais, Kevhorn Anderson, Nohelia Diplan, Dr. Morreale, Dr. Chu, Dr. Huang
2019-02-19Inroads Information Session - NAAB 208 (3:30 - 4:15 pm)Inroads representative, Nohelia, Diplan
2019-02-14ACM meeting, NAAB 109. HTML workshop.
2019-02-07Study Abroad Workshop - NAAB 208 (3:30-4:10 pm)Reuben Hernandez, Kyle Murfitt, Dr. Huang
2019-02-05Orientation for Samurai, NAAB 207.Prof. Wang, Dr. Huang
2019-01-31Career workshop - Ernst & Young, NAAB 109 EY Representative, Nohelia Diplan
2019-01-31ACM meeting, NAAB 109., room changed to NAAB 208

Fall 2018
2018-12-20Final exam week. No workshop.
2018-12-13Prepare for the final exams. No workshop.
2018-12-06ACM meeting, NAAB 109.
2018-11-29ACM meeting, NAAB 109.
2018-11-22Thanksgiving holiday.
2018-11-15ACM meeting, NAAB 109.
2018-11-01ACM meeting, NAAB 109.
2018-10-25TBDDr. Huang
2018-10-18ACM meeting, NAAB 109.
2018-10-15Internship, NAAB 208
2018-10-11Data Visualization and Analytics - Google Charts, Google Maps and Excel - NAAB 207 (3:30-4:15 pm)Syed Nadeem , Dr. Huang
2018-10-04ACM meeting, NAAB 109., Ernst & Young Workshop
2018-09-27Ajax and Web development - NAAB 207 (3:30-4:00 pm); McNair program - NAAB 205 (4:00 - 4:20 pm)Patryk Sasinowski, Collyn O'Kane, Dr. Huang; Wendy Alvarado
2018-09-20ACM meeting, NAAB 109.
2018-09-13Orientation for Samurai, NAAB 207.Prof. Wang, Dr. Huang

Spring 2018
2018-05-10Final exam week. No workshop.
2018-05-03Prepare for the final exams. No workshop.
2018-04-26ACM meeting, NAAB 109. CS Capstone showcase at NAAB 1st floor.
2018-04-19Web & Linux system automation, NAAB 208.Dr. Huang
2018-04-12ACM meeting, NAAB 109.
2018-04-05Web & PHP file I/O integration, NAAB 208.Dr. Huang
2018-03-29Workshop is moved to April 5.
2018-03-22ACM meeting, NAAB 109.
2018-03-15Kean Spring break. No workshop.
2018-03-08ACM meeting, NAAB 109.
2018-03-01Geotagged images and Google map, NAAB 208.Dr. Huang
2018-02-22ACM meeting, NAAB 109.
2018-02-15Process geotagged images using PHP, NAAB 208.Dr. Huang
2018-02-08ACM meeting, NAAB 109.
2018-02-01The Essential Skills for Software Developer, NAAB 208.Dr. Huang
2018-01-25ACM meeting, NAAB 109.
2018-01-23Orientation for Samurai, NAAB 207.Prof. Wang

Fall 2017
11/30/2017Unix System, NAAB 208Dr. Huang
11/2/2017Job Interview, NAAB 208Arian Gonzalez, Carlos Flores, Prof.Wang, Dr. Jenny Li, Dr. Austin Huang
10/5/2017Super Bowl of Technology& Resume, NAAB 207Dr. Huang
9/7/2017Orientation for Samurai, NAAB 207Prof. Wang, Dr. Huang

Spring 2017
4/13/2017Javascript, NAAB 207Anthony Malgapo, Dr. Huang
2/7/2017Orientation for SamuraiDr. Huang